Deos Intermittent Fasting Works

I want to talk about Intermittent Fasting for weightloss and when it does start to work because firstly, it’s different for everyone.

I want to lay down some ground work, for you to be able to understand when you can see your results or what you can do to kind of get through all the noise of what you think you’re seeing or what you think you’re not seeing in terms of body weight.

Now if you’re asking me when this intermittent fasting for weightloss will start working or you want to know when you’re going to start seeing the body fat burn off of your belly, you should know that, you have to just get down to a low body fat percentage so that you can see results.

Shredding Off Belly Fat With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting for weightloss really works fast on most of our body parts but unfortunately, the case is that your stomach tends to be the last place that your body releases fat than other part of the body but that is all dependent on how your body specifically and biologically works.

One thing that I do want to tell you is that, the scale is not going to be your friend at all time, if you lose weight and you’re seeing it drop on the scale so fast, it’s gonna make you feel good but let me try to make this as clear as I possibly can. Gaining weight super fast and losing it all again is not an indicator of body fat specifically being lost. For example if you go to sleep and wake up the next day and you’ve gained four pounds, don’t try to use this as an indicator to say oh my God, my metabolic rate is out of whack now because I started intermittent fasting three days ago and I just want to sleep and gain four pounds of calories. The truth is, it doesn’t work that way.

If you went to sleep and woke up with extra four pounds more than you did the day before or right before you went to sleep, that doesn’t mean that somehow in your sleep you managed to absorb or gain 14,000 calories because that’s what it will take roughly for you to gain that amount of body fat.

Understand that, that isn’t what’s happening and on the flipside, if you go to sleep and you wake up lossing 4 pounds that also doesn’t mean that you’ve lost about 14,000 calories in body fat alone.

Everyday, your body goes through many weight fluctuations that is why a scale telling you a simple number is so misleading and there’s such a misconception in the rate and speed.

How To Know When Intermittent Fasting For Weightloss Is Working For You

We all have body fat essentially all over our body but to reduce that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be reducing at a pound per reduction. It’s going to be eating at it slowly, little by little so the better measurement for you to understand if intermittent fasting for weightloss is working for you is to utilize a visual perspective and also take notes of how you feel.

You tend to feel slimmer when certain things happen, like your pants are loose. your shirts is loose, like you have to go more notches on your belt because of the fact that you’ve burned off body fat.

One great indicator is taking pictures of your face. Look at your face in the mirror, the face tends to be the fastest part of the body that gains a little bit of fat and also the fastest part of the body that loses a little bit of fat.

Just thinking about the fat that’s in your face and knowing how much mass one pound of body fat takes up will help you know if Intermittent fasting for weightloss is working for you. Though everyone’s individual biological metabolic system depends on how much you weigh, how tall you are and many other different variables.

I’m trying to get you guys to really understand that the scale is not the be-all, end-all. You need to pull yourself away from the scale and understand that you’re still progressing, you’re still doing something even though the scale in and of itself isn’t telling you a number that you’re trying to see.

My suggestion is focus more on the visual, the visual will tell you the true story than the scale. I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again the scale can drastically demotivate you or drastically over-hype you and you don’t want to be on any of those extremes because if your demotivated you’ll stop whatever you’re doing that might be working for you and if you’re over hyped you might be doing something that isn’t working for you but you think it’s working because you lost a lot of water weight that day.

Intermittent fasting for weightloss starts to work immediately but it’s not gonna take a chunk of fat that’s one pound out of your body overnight, It’s just physiologically impossible if you’re feeling good using the regime, stick to the regime and make sure you take pictures.

How I Knew Intermittent Fasting For Weightloss Was Working For Me

One thing that I did when I first started was every single Friday I would take a video of me which showed my entire body, I would go left go right show my back everything and then I would look at it and I would compare and contrast it to my previous week.

I did that for one month straight to see if intermittent fasting would work for me and I noticed that my weight loss was very very good in terms of my body composition and not just based on the scale and as a matter of fact yes I was losing weight really really well but I know that there’s a lot of water weight that was there but in my last week it was only like maybe a half a pound or two difference but my body from the week before looked much much leaner so the reason that I made this post is to grab your attention, to let you know what you should be thinking of, what you should be looking at and not just focusing specifically on the scale.

How The Scale Works

The scale can give you data points that you need but if you’re looking only at the scale to determine if something is working for you in terms of fat loss you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage psychologically.

Use the scale as a data point but don’t use it as the nail in the coffin look at yourself in the mirror and take pictures I can’t stress this enough. Hopefully this post will help you understand why you might not be seeing any results as of yet and also if your calories are too high, you’re not gonna lose weight so quick.



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