Thinking of starting off with 0 carb drinks for summer is a good start for the season.

There’s no question about it, summer time brings on the thirst. With the high temperatures and humidity that summer time brings, it’s hard to find drinks that will keep you hydrated and be low in carbs as well.

Sodas aren’t very good for you, especially in the summer, since they are made with caffeine. Drinking too many sodas can cause you to become dehydrated. Especially if you are out in the sun alot.

Also, summer is a time of year when people start feeling self conscience about their bodies and are on a mission to lose weight.

Best 0 Carb Drinks For Summer Season

Here are some of my favorite drinks to have in the summer that are low in carbs and refreshing as well.

If you’re trying to stay hydrated and refreshed as well as watching what you eat or drink, then water is your solution.

Water is so full of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs and is the perfect drink. Also, instead of having coffee or tea in the mornings, try warming a cup of water and squeezing half of a fresh lemon into it.

It’s an old tale that this mixture will cleanse your body of toxins and can also help you with losing weight. Always make sure that you get at least around eight glasses of water a day.

0 Carb Drinks To Consider This Summer

Premier Protein Clear Drink products are another great drink for the summer months. Try this Sugar Free raspberry drink. It has absolutely low carbs! This is a great alternative to people who usually would rather drink sweetneed water. They also have different flavored drinks that are carb free as well. Check them out below.

Premier Protein Raspberry Clear Drink

Price: $22.77

Fruit flavored water is a very refreshing alternative to regular water. The Protein20 water is full of vitamins and minerals and has a wonderful fruit flavor. It has low sugar, low calories, and no fat. Therefore it’s also low of carbs. Protein20 water is a great way to stay hydrated in the summer and still have a wonderful beverage. You can check it out below

Protein2o Flavor Fusion Water

Price: $22.78

Here Is another one that might suit your need and taste for no carb drink

Vengo Strawberry Energy Drink

Price: $44.99

If you prefer an alcoholic drink then there are a few ways that you can enjoy this and still have a drink with low to no carbs. There are some beers that claim to be “low in carbs” but one way to know for sure is to drink a hard liquor which is usually carb free, such as vodka.

Mixing vodka with a non carbonated fruit water beverage or with cranberry juice, is very low in carbs. When drinking alcohol, always remember to drink in moderation.

Club soda is another beverage that is low in carbs. Diet sodas aren’t usually carb free but there are some brands of soda that are sugar free, and contain aspertame.

These drinks are sometimes good if they are low in carbs, which they usually are. Just be sure to keep a count of the carbs you are taking anyway and always remember that when you are trying to find a drink that is carb free, water is always your best bet.



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